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New workyard for the Basel City Gardeners, 2014 - 18

Image: Maris Mezulis

Image: Maris Mezulis

The extension of the workyard for the Basel City Gardeners is located at the edge of one of the city parks 
and contains an area of 1’500 sqm. The building houses rooms for recreation, break and wardrobe for 60 
workers with a large garage for their working trucks and devices. 

The concept of the building cross-links social with ecological goals. Natural greenery is integrated in a 
way that the professional Gardeners can experiment and test various ways to set roof greenery, water 
retention and solar power into effect. The elevation of the concrete box is conceived as a hanging garden 
with plant pots built in the roof edge and providing an automatic watering system.

The concept cross-links social with ecological goals and renews the substance radically (Images: ScKA)

Image: Maris Mezulis

Image: Maris Mezulis.



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