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Training center of the Public Crisis Unit in Basel, 2015 - 18

Alternating roof shapes result from the varying height requirements of the different boxes (Image: Maris Mezulis).

(Image: Maris Mezulis).

(Image: Maris Mezulis).

The new training center for the Public Crisis Unit consists an area of 1’500 sqm and was built below an 
elevated expressway. The premise contains operational and training facilities, mechanical workshops 
for trucks and storage depots.

Similar to the work yard which we built a couple of years earlier, the design of the premises had to use 
elaborate technical constructions. The new parts of the building were built in prefabricated 
wood elements. These appear as black boxes between the exposed concrete columns of the elevated 

The alternating roof shape of the new building results from the varying height requirements of the 
different boxes. It is this a gesture which opens the premise to the outside and upgrades the spot for 
the users of the facility. 

The structure of the expressway shapes the arrangement of the program as independent boxes.

The new building fits into the exposed concrete columns of the elevated expressway (Image: ScKA).


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