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Housing Development near Basel, 2006 - 12

The development on a slight slope near Basel, places five individual residential units in a way that the benefits
of the terraced house (unobstructed view) and of the patio house (intimacy) are achieved in one scheme.
The accurate integration of the buildings and enclosed patios into the slope creates a multifaceted use of interior
and exterior areas and a relaxed atmosphere for living.

The intensive greenery of the roofs form part of an overall "Wohnland­schaft" which only is interrupted by
courtyards of smaller and larger scale - finally these appear as being scattered in a topological manner over the
whole plot. Instead of condensing again, the project finally reserves an extraordinary open space in an already
densely populated surrounding.

Structural principles of former forts were tested on their contemporary potential.

Roof box for leading daylight into the rooms below ground level.

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