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Animal Service Center Basel, 2014 - 18

Source: mii-quartier.ch, Stephan Fluri

When in service, the opening of the broad gate signals Pulic accessibility (Image: © Giovanni Comparelli, Basel).

The new animal service center replaces the outdated premises from the 1970s and follows a thorough 
modernization of its 4’000 sqm premise. Formerly rather closed off, the new center is conceived more 
open and inviting to the public in general. 

For hygienic reasons, the various facilities (boxes for the animals, service areas for clients, medical 
facilities) are strictly separated from each other. In following strict code restrictions, 75% of the premise 
had to be placed below ground. Therefore, a cluster of skylight boxes are bringing daylight and 
orientation into the building. 

The multiple graded volume is a reaction to local code regulations and adapts the heterogeneous 
scale found in its surroundings (a broad field of allotment gardens, heritage-protected row houses, an 
elevated expressway with slip road are all in close proximity to the site).  

Although the project strategy seeks a thorough economic and ecologic optimization of the compound, 
it is fair to mention that the new premise also undertakes responsibility for its immanent public function. 

Functions in the basement are grouped around an enclosed patio.

Study model and rendering of the elevation.

Foldings in the enclosing shell are used as partial openings (Image: © Giovanni Comparelli, Basel).

Foldings also lead visitors into the compund (Image: © Giovanni Comparelli, Basel).